Presale Direct Deposit

If user have issue to transfer USDT in Cronos Chain, users can send directly to deployer address in ETH or BSC.

We have noticed that a lot of users are having issues transferring funds on Cronos blockchain because of lack of bridge and other issues. If you are unable to participate in the presale because of Cronos chain, you can now buy $AGL by sending funds to Agile Owner address: 0x9349982FA1079Dedae653AF3612Fdea7CccD1B8b Agile team will manually distribute $AGL tokens to your CRC-20 address on 12/01

You can send BEP 20 and ERC 20 USDT to this address. After transferring please DM @OliviaPopeNFT with following

Transaction Hash: Amount: CRC-20 Address: Your Telegram Username (starting with @):

🟢Please note Min. amount you can send is 5000 USDT

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